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Dr. Diaz-Carballo

Dear all:
There is a lot of works on HIV research by far. The fact is, that we are experiencing the same problem as cancer treatment and eradication still confronts: after several decades of cancer research and the generation of enormous information on cancer biology and so on, this still being the cause of decease of millions of people yearly. The information gathered is not more manageable and help little on cure cancer. I hope seriously, that the mankind (and governments, industry and academia) take note, that we are facing a viral pandemic which seriously threaten the future of our specie. So, speculation and profit on HIV by both academy and pharmaceutical companies should have a radical and exemplar response by governments and world leaders.
In respect to HIV, the presence of “innocuous” endoretroviruses and their co-activation by HIV should be mandatorily investigated. My lab is successfully doing that!

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